Trina Brunk, Singer/Songwriter and Intuitive Consultant


Warming myself by the fire that also warms me from within

Under a sky full of star friends
Drinking from the rivers of tears and laughter . . . I have never felt more at home.

Can i stay here always?
Love’s head is pressed against the sky . . . Love’s body is filling every available crevice.

“Trina Brunk’s music has an ethereal power . . . “ ~ Marianne Williamson, Author and Lecturer

“… this music is the crystalline structure of love.” ~Tracy Barnett, journalist

“Trina, you helped me come to an epiphany about the source of my fears. I found SoulPath to be liberating and it helped me feel at peace about a difficult decision. I am going to therapy right now, but I feel like SoulPath gave me insight that has helped me make quicker progress with my therapist.” ~ SD, San Diego CA

“As a singer/songwriter, Trina delivers powerful and inspiring lyrics through soaring, stirring vocals and gentle piano soundscapes.” ~ Aarik Danielson, Columbia Daily Tribune

About Trina

Trina began writing songs in 2008 and began performing across the nation in 2010. In 2011 she released 8th self-produced album and in 2012 her collaboration “Running Free” with film composer Charlie Armour was nominated for an Indie Music Channel Best Female Soundtrack award, she opened for Marianne Williamson in St Louis, Missouri and has performed in Texas, Illinois, California, Missouri and Colorado.

In addition to performing and producing her own work, Trina offers fun, transformative workshops and intuitive support for recovering your connection with your essential nature. Learn more »

My Story

My perspective was shaped by two intense “awakening” experiences which radically shifted how I saw the world. Both of these (non-drug-induced ) experiences — one when I was 14 and the other when I was 19 — gave me a cosmically different view of reality, but didn’t give me the skills or awareness of how to bridge these intense experiences with my everyday life. How to bring a practical expression of infinite Divine Love into a world where people fiercely guarded their vulnerable needs and feelings was a complex puzzle that I was not prepared to solve as an immature, unskillful teenager with poor self esteem. I felt like an alien, and did my best to blend in. But Love kept calling, and Love inside me kept answering.

It took me years of searching, living, day by day seemingly mundane and often painful steps to find and develop the skills and experience I needed to do what I came here to do. I spent years forgetting, occasionally remembering, making mistakes and feeling anything but ‘enlightened’ . . . eventually, after finding my way between forgetting and remembering so many times, I think my feet started wearing a recognizable trail. Beginning to accept that I would forget again, I started carving out tools and strategies for proactively finding myself when it happened again. Journaling and writing and recording music was a primary pathway. Learning to receive and work co-creatively with Divine guidance was crucial. From these experiences, tools formed which provided the foundation of my practice when I began to offer intuitive consulting services.

Interwoven with my passion for personal healing and transformation, I experience an ongoing yearning to find ways of living more sustainably and respectfully on the planet . . . ways that honor the life within us and the life all around us. I suspect that there are many, many, many others who are feeling the same way, in various stages of healing and remembering and putting this Love into action. My mission is to serve this awakening: to co-create safe places for people to come together, be seen and accepted for who they are, get support for unwinding beliefs and old stories that keep them from actualizing on what they came here to do, be and experience. We get to release forcing, domination strategies and instead simply notice what is right and real for each individual . . . because I trust that when we are aligned with our soul’s intent, we naturally know how to move in right relationship with each other.

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Photography by Amy Jerke of Papillon Sky Photography.