“It’s not just music, it’s magic. It pushes me to be more, to live more, to love more, to feel more, to reach higher.”  ~AA, MO


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Feel better, find your focus, get grounded and centered and access your inner knowing.


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Consistently access more grounded and resourceful, natural responses to issues that once troubled you the most.  


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Trina Brunk

Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Singer/Songwriter & Creative Muse

. . . I love helping people who are on a healing journey create a true sense of belonging for their whole selves, so they can create lives that really match who they are and what they have always wanted.

Aerial Forest

Expand your perspective about who you are, and "problems" transform. 

Little did I know [our session] would become the catalyst for the second spiritual awakening of my adult life.
What she gave me was specific, and provided me just the right nudge.. the confirmations and empowerment I was asking the universe for; and she helped me set a course."

- Liz Thomas, MO

"I worked with Trina for the first time when i was having some medical PTSD related issues.  The difference between when i went in and when i came out was so significant that my husband didn't even mention it because he didn't want to jinx it.  Trina was very kind and sensitive and I wholeheartedly trust her and recommend her highly."

- Carol Ford, OR

I've seen therapists and counselors for many reasons over the years. There is nobody like Trina. The tools she has taught me I will carry with me. Amazing at what she does and an incredible human. She cares deeply about her clients.

Thank you Trina. I'm blessed to have found you."

JJ Skelley, OR