Coaching Packages


Transform Anything.

Cost: $1000 (payment plans available)

1 month


  • 5 full 55 minute sessions, 

  • Weekly 30 minute mini sessions (total of 4) to check in and fine tune your progress

  • A bonus session that will help you get acquainted with what your Higher Self and Guardian Angel(s) would want you to know that you may not have had any previous knowledge of. The value of this package can easily be considered worth the equivalent of about 6 week long vacations, without the difficulty of getting back into the flow of your daily life afterwards.  And you get to keep the benefits long after our work is complete. 


Transform Your Life.

I'm here to help you do the deep core work that has kept you from what you're here for,

so you can move forward with whatever life has been calling you to, but with greater presence, greater alignment, greater fulfillment.

Cost: $3500

Duration: 5 months

(payment plans available)


You Receive:

  • Ten Full Sessions including:

    • Seven 55 minute 1 on 1 sessions customized to your particular needs 

    • Three extended 90+ minute Core Transformation or 4Questions sessions.

  • Twice weekly 15 minute mini sessions to troubleshoot and fine tune your progress (up to 40 mini sessions).

  • A customized self-care strategy that helps you regenerate in the flow of your daily life, that fits into your busy schedule.

  • Guided library of audio resources just for you as you move forward in your growing/healing journey

  • Help in developing the skills to directly communicate with your Expanded Intelligence for mind-blowingly accurate and useful information about living this life to the fullest 

What You'll Experience:

  • First we’ll get a complete picture of what feels difficult in your life, and get a preliminary vision for how positive change might look (knowing that as you change, your ability to consider positive change can sometimes improve as well).

  • We’ll discover what actually motivates you to make positive change, and what can potentially derail your work. 

  • Next I’ll show you a couple of self care strategies that actually work, that can fit into your busy schedule, and we’ll map out a customized self-care routine that will leverage your available resources so that a little can go a very, very long way, and so that the deeper work that we’ll do will have a foundation for creating longer lasting, comprehensive wellbeing.

  • I’ll show you how to find your personal regeneration zone, where it’s clear what’s yours and what belongs to others, where you can think more clearly about what’s important to YOU and where you can feel OK regardless of who is in the room.

  • Then we’ll focus on doing some deeper Core Transformation or 4 Questions sessions for any persistent unconscious places that have been keeping you stuck, naturally freeing up the energy and attention necessary to move you forward in ways that bring your dreams more within reach.

  • Next, I’ll coach you on how to transform your most important relationships (family, home, work etc.), how to address power dynamics and boundary/empath issues, so you can find freedom and empowerment where you once struggled, and enhance and improve what was already going well. 

  • We’ll go over some profound ways of getting in touch with your inner wisdom and tapping into your inner healer that will blow your mind in terms of how deeply supported and cared for you always are — and how you can have that awareness literally at your fingertips when you need it the most.