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what if . . . 

your obstacles contained
all the raw energy needed
for making the positive changes
you desire?

this might seem difficult to believe . . .  

. . . but there are incredible resources hidden in your blocks and resistance.


I can help you end the struggle, so you can naturally move in the direction of what’s most important to you

In these sessions I help you to:

  • Transform Resistance

  • Resolve Inner Conflict

  • Tap into a powerful reservoir of wellbeing

  • Reconnect with your deeper self and live into what you value most.

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What can Trina help me with?

The processes I use can help with many unwanted feelings, thoughts and behaviors. This can include: 

  • Stress and overwhelm

  • Procrastination

  • Inner conflict/ indecisiveness

  • Hot button triggers, angry outbursts

  • Physical complaints with an emotional root

  • Jealousy, irritation or frustration with others that causes problems in relationships

  • Negative Mind Chatter/Looping Thoughts

  • Lack of motivation, holding back from what you really want to do or feel you should do

  • and much, much more.

Does this sound interesting to you? Click below and book a free 30 minute consult to find out if this work is a good fit for you. 

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Expand your perspective about who you are, and "problems" transform. 

"I worked with Trina for the first time when i was having some medical PTSD related issues.  The difference between when i went in and when i came out was so significant that my husband didn't even mention it because he didn't want to jinx it.  Trina was very kind and sensitive and I wholeheartedly trust her and recommend her highly."

- Carol Ford, OR

I've seen therapists and counselors for many reasons over the years. There is nobody like Trina. The tools she has taught me I will carry with me. Amazing at what she does and an incredible human. She cares deeply about her clients.

Thank you Trina. I'm blessed to have found you."

JJ Skelley, OR

Little did I know [our session] would become the catalyst for the second spiritual awakening of my adult life.
What she gave me was specific, and provided me just the right nudge. . . the confirmations and empowerment I was asking the universe for."

- Liz Thomas, MO

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Trina Brunk

Certified Core Transformation Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Singer/Songwriter & Creative Muse

"Because I've experienced so much healing in my own life through these practices, I have an idea of what's possible.

One of my greatest joys is to help others who are on a healing journey begin to repair their connection with who they really are, and start living their lives according to their truest nature.

There is so much love and so much healing available to every one of us, so much brilliance inside, starting right now, right here, wherever you are. 


And I love helping you find that."


What it's like


First, you'll share with me what you want to change. If there’s lots to choose from, or if you’re unsure and need help deciding where to begin, I can help you tap into your own inner wisdom to zero in on what will help you get the greatest value for our time together.

Then, without pushing or forcing change, I can show you how to gently open the doorway to your deepest longings . . . hidden within your most frustrating and upsetting behaviors, thoughts and feelings.  

This work is extremely kind, honoring, and gentle. Like coming Home to a place you didn't know was there, or that you once had, but lost touch with.

I draw from several finely honed practices designed gently and effectively transform unwanted -- and sometimes very negative -- reactions, in a way that can help you to reach a lasting, profound sense of wellbeing that is often difficult to put into words.

Want to find out if this is for you? Click the button below to schedule a 30 minute consult.

Got more questions? check out my FAQ here.

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Professional Background

  • Certification as a Core Transformation Coach with Andreas NLP, 2021 

  • Completion of Wholeness Work Level IV with Andreas NLP, 2022

  • Intensively studied Steve Andreas’s Self-Concept model with Damon Cart from Sept. 2020 through May 2021

  • Completed training in The Rewind Technique for Panic Attacks & Phobias with Uncommon Knowledge in 2019

  • Certification as a Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapist Level I with Jack Elias at the Institute for Therapeutic Learning, 2018

  • Reiki Levels I, II and III with Judy Nagel LaC in 2000

Additional areas of study include Muscle Testing, Flower Essence Energy Sessions, and EFT. 


As a lifelong learner and passionate creative, I am continuously working to improve what I can bring to my clients to support real, meaningful, positive change.

It's my passion to help you directly experience your ability to make your life more the way you most deeply desire.​​

Pricing & Booking

Click below to purchase and schedule a 90+ minute session for $150.

Quantity discounts and payment plans available; please inquire here.

Sound interesting, but not sure?

Check out my Frequently Asked Questions, or book a free 30 minute consult (click below) to get your questions answered and to find out if this work is a good fit for you. 

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