Transformation | Integration Coaching

Mountains during sunset. Beautiful natur

what if . . . 

your obstacles contained

all the raw energy needed

for making the positive changes

you desire?


Transformation & Integration 

This might seem difficult to believe. . .
But there are incredible resources hidden in your blocks and resistance. 
I can help you end the struggle, to liberate them so you can naturally move in the direction of what’s most important to you

In these sessions I help you to:

  • Transform Resistance

  • Resolve Inner Conflict

  • Integrate & Align Fragmented "Parts"

  • Reconnect and Live Into What You Value Most

What to Expect:

  • First, we take time to really understand your priorities, helping you to clarify your goals and deepest values.

  • Next, we'll explore what's holding you back, and I'll give you some valuable tools for transforming this on the fly, in your day to day life.

  • In a series of powerful and effective sessions, I'll help you transform what once held you back while showing you practical skills to make life better in the ways that matter most to you.​

I will walk with you and help you let go of limiting stories, to step more fully into being who you really are.


About Core Transformation

I use a variety of time-tested approaches, at the center of which is Core Transformation, a powerful, research-backed* set of protocols developed by author & psychotherapist Connirae Andreas, PhD, for helping you to reach the core of wholeness and peace at the center of the most difficult parts of your experience, helping you access more grounded and resourceful, natural responses to issues that once troubled you the most.

Core Transformation gives profoundly useful ways of working with our "waking trances" -- helping us to re-emerge from fitful nightmarish/dream states of anxiety, chronic stress, reactivity, pain, self-sabotage and more, into a greater awareness of who and what we are, that doesn't just feel good but is ultimately empowering and affirming, because we begin to build a lived experience of finding and transforming the raw energy at the core of our difficulties into the fuel for changing our lives for the better.  


Learn about recent research here.

Coaching Packages start at $649.  

Find out if this is for you by scheduling a value-packed free consult today.

the power to transform your life is within you.

Trina Brunk, Transformation Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist

I am a Certified Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapist with Advanced Training in the Core Transformation Process and additional training and experience in NLP, the Rewind Technique for Panic Attacks & Phobias, Reiki I, II & III, Applied Kinesiology, Flower Essence Energy Sessions, and EFT.

My personal path has involved diving deep into my creative expression to alchemize pain into power, beauty and rich resource. I'm available to help you do the same, in whatever expression is most authentic for you.

It's my passion to help you directly experience your ability to make your life more the way you most deeply desire.