Transformational Coaching


This might seem difficult to believe. . .
But there are incredible resources hidden in your blocks and resistance. 
I can help you end the struggle, so you can naturally move in the direction of what’s most important to you

In these sessions I help you to:

  • Transform Resistance

  • Resolve Inner Conflict

  • Tap into a powerful reservoir of wellbeing

  • Reconnect and Live Into What You Value Most.


What can Coaching help with? 

I draw from a variety of skills to meet your unique needs. 

In our session(s), I’ll guide you through effective ways of dealing with issues like ​

  • Inner Conflict/ Indecisiveness

  • Hot button triggers, Angry outbursts

  • Difficult emotional states

  • Unwanted habits

  • Emotional flashbacks

  • ‘Parts’ problems (ie. “I want to do X but part of me keeps doing Y”)

With these gentle and effective processes, I’ve helped clients achieve greater success with a wide range of concerns such as: 

  • Fear of going to the dentist or getting a necessary medical procedure

  • Negative mind chatter/looping mental patterns

  • Feeling resentful or judgmental towards family members and others

  • Fear of dating

  • Frustration with others that gets in the way of healthy relating

  • Holding back from really shining in one’s chosen profession

  • Fear of making sales calls

  • Freezing up before making presentations

  • Procrastination 

  • Fear of putting oneself ‘out there’ as an entrepreneur

  • Emotions related to physical complaints 

  • Unexplained emotional pain

  • Irritability

. . . And loads more. 

What to expect in a session

  • First, you'll share with me what you want to change. If there’s lots to choose from, or if you’re unsure and need help deciding where to begin, I can help you tap into your own inner wisdom to zero in on what will help you get the greatest value for our time together.

  • I WILL guide you to focus on what you are currently experiencing, right now. 

  • I WON’T ask you for a detailed backstory of how the difficulty came to pass, since our methods don’t require this in order to be extremely effective. In fact, in some cases, it’s been shown that digging back through the painful details of a traumatic event can result in re-traumatizing you rather than helping you get free of what’s holding you back. Instead, we have found that we can trust your system to show us exactly what you’re ready to work with, right now, for the greatest beneficial results. I use methods that are less invasive, more respectful and in the long run much more lasting and effective.

  • I WON’T employ tricky hypnotic or NLP maneuvers to manipulate your system into reaching an objective or override your responses. These coercive approaches, while they can temporarily seem remarkably effective, can and often do result in broken trust and can cause a backlash from parts of you that are trying to accomplish an underlying purpose. This can and will cause greater problems in the long run.  

  • I WILL help you work with your mind/body’s innate wisdom to discover what your Being most deeply desires, and then in a very honoring and non-invasive way, I’ll help you find the easiest and most elegant pathway for achieving this.  Working through respect and trust-building can be remarkably effective! In fact, I consider it one of the biggest parts of my job to help you to restore your vibrant, life-giving and loving connection with your own Inner Being.

  • I WON’T try to sell you an expensive package of sessions that you don’t want or need. After doing this work with many clients, I have found that it’s impossible for me to predict how many sessions a client will need.  In some cases, clients get amazing results in shorter times than I would have guessed; and sometimes a client benefits from longer term support.  For this reason, I’ve stopped trying to pre-package my offerings and prefer to work incrementally and in smaller chunks so we can assess how you’re doing as we go.  

  • I WILL help you deepen practical self-care skills that you can use on a daily basis to improve your connection with yourself, and make life better in the ways that matter most to you. 

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About Core Transformation

I use a variety of time-tested approaches, at the center of which is Core Transformation, a powerful, research-backed* set of protocols developed by author & psychotherapist Connirae Andreas, PhD, for helping you to reach the core of wholeness and peace at the center of the most difficult parts of your experience, helping you access more grounded and resourceful, natural responses to issues that once troubled you the most.

*Learn about recent research here.

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